Monday, March 04, 2013

Food for thought

One of my friends
sent me this video
a few weeks ago.
I finally had a chance to watch it.
If you have not seen it,
from the little mountain
I recommend it.
Wonderful as preparation for lent.


Martha said...

Have you been there yet? When we first moved to Ohio, there was a sweet older couple (Moe and Nadya Sill) who used to come 3 hours from West Virginia...they lived on the little mountain. They then gave their land to the monastery, which was located in Missouri at that time. It's one of our favorite monasteries!!!

elizabeth said...

Martha - I have not yet been there - Mr. Husband has been I believe. I hope to one day! It's a very beautiful video!! thanks so much for sharing this part of the story; what a blessed couple to donate the land! That is so beautiful!

Michelle M. said...

It is one of our family's favorite monasteries as well! My husband tries to take an annual pilgrimage there. We own this movie and love it!

elizabeth said...

Michelle - that is so wonderful!