Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday, oh last Butter Sunday...

NJ is strange.
They tell me sometimes the snow stays.
I have yet to believe them.
It snowed and would melt on the ground.

I am still in love with my tulips.

I knitted more of my
little-lovey niece scarf.
I had to frog it a bit and
used my Oma's green needle to help me
get it back together.

I love my fading tulips so much
that Mr. Husband cut them down
so I can see the blooms for longer.

Lacking green-plant-tape that Mr. Husband used
to have,
we used a white twine.

I am in love with these tulips.

I have photographed them in all sorts of light.
I find the green in the water
to be an art form all of its own.

I filled lampadas again;
rhythms of life,
it is all about rhythms
and trying to find them.

I lamented to Mr. Husband at
how I do not yet understand how to deal
with light in my camera.
This picture of the tulips glistened with beauty
but the setting would grab the light and shove it in,
taking away the tulip's glow.
It is Mr. Husband and I's first
Great Lent as a married couple.
It commenced with negotiating where to put the icons,
talking about Lenten services and
reading the first Lenten prayers together.
It is a good start.
We are both tired here and
facing lent already exhausted.
It is what it is.
We made it to our near-by church for
liturgy and forgiveness vespers.
The church in purple.
There was a real different and clean feel to the church
as if some great healing had been done or
at least suddenly begun;
it was palpable as I entered the church.
I have not been at a home far-away church
in over a month.
Mr. Husband and I saw a few people from it
at a local cheese-fare gathering
where wonderful vegetarian lasagna and torte was
I took my knitting and registered the surprise of one
person who commented that I could knit the scarf
without even looking at it.
Sigh. Yes. I have my Oma's blood.
I think of her all the time.
As I smooth the scarf out that I am working on,
I remember how Oma would look at her work
and smooth it out in her hands.
How she would talk with others and knit.
Always knitting.
And now I want to be just like her
as I continue to learn to navigate my new life
and new surroundings.
Now if only I could regain my strength...
God is with us,
in all things,
God is here. 


Juliana said...

I am usually able to knit without looking as well! (It is the chief reason I am Lazy About Patterns--I like to knit whilst doing something else, and Patterns mean I have to pay attention to what my hands are doing...) I wish my hands were in better shape to knit right now--it would be a lovely occupation for them, but alas, the winter dry has struck and I'm no good for fiber work (H told me yesterday that he didn't want me to touch his bare skin while helping him with pajamas because my hands were so papery).

elizabeth said...

Juliana - nice. Yes, it is nice to have something for one's hands to do while in the midst of other things. Dry hands are very un-fun; I was given some Crabtree and Evelyn hand therapy cream and that with Body Shop Body Butter, my hands are a bit better than they were... hope you can rehydrate yours soon! thinking of you!