Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Sleep is elusive but God is always here

Our fridge in our galley kitchen.
Christmas letters/photos will be up all year
smiling at us,
reminding me of so many
who I and Mr. Husband love.
This is the last day
I hope to God
for the medicine I am on
that is creating such insomina.
It's the insomnia with sleeping pills
as opposed to the kind without.
But yet I sense God's mercy.
I am such a wimp - Mr. Husband had to remind me
that it has yet to be 3 weeks since I have been
mainly sequestered to home.
I lament not baking bread
yet how God has provided so deeply for me
with the new task of knitting.
The first scarf that is mostly finished
is with this yarn.
It is being documented here
on my Raverly account.
I still have to add pictures.
If you have an account, feel free to add me there!
The one question I have about yarn right now
is that I have had two of the skeins (one, two)
that I am knitting along with
and suddenly there are tangles in the yarn and
I have to spend a lot of time fixing them
before I can resume knitting.
Basically I have to untangle and make into a
ball of yarn.
Is this a universal problem
or is it the brand I am using or the type of yarn?
Is there someway to avoid this
literal knotty problem?
Side note: since I am not able yet to go out
much, I am ordering a lot of yarn online.
I am finding the Lion Brand website
even being with shipping costs
of less of a cost than what the same sells on
I am hoping to look through old pictures and
write about one of my old apartments
as a way to remember God's mercy
and the time lived in it.
God is so good to us.

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