Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sunday blessings

Years back,
when I was in my mid-twenties and living
in beautiful BC
one of my close friends
gave me this beautiful tin of
Peppermint Chamomile.

I refilled the tin last night
with more chamomile tea
(from my Ukrainian sister)
and some mint tea from
my Ottawa Bridgehead... 

We also got a new tea
that I got stored last night
of chamomile and lavender...
Both a really enjoyable and calming...

Mr. Husband is making me rest
and is doing kitchen tasks
while listening to a book on CD...
Very homey and good.

Cleo is as cute as always.

My Orthocat :)

My cute little comforting ball of fur...

Mr. Husband and I made it to liturgy...
now I am back in my cozy corner again...
The allergic reaction is not painful but
also not leaving that quickly...
Three more days after today of the
high dose meds.
I eat more and am craving chocolate. :)
It was so very good to get out today and
yesterday... being stuck at home
esp. when Mr. Husband is at work
can be a little tedious at times.
But I have my knitting
and it is a real improvement to have moved my
computer over here, with Mr. Husband's monitor...
I am missing my Godson who is over 1 years old now
in Ottawa...
I really wished to go to Ottawa for a weekend in Lent
but now with my uncertain and unclear health,
it is not looking as likely...
but God is with us
and even though Lent is hard,
I am really looking forward to it...
While trusting in God's mercy
and the protection of the Most Holy Theotokos...
(Akathist here).
I am loving these two (one, two) new to me blogs
that I found via my new knitting love...
I am dreaming of baking again...
especially baking bread...
I got this book on Valentines Day,
the day I fell ill,
and am eager to use it,
when my health permits...
Believe it or not,
we are trying a recipe for
liver and onions.
The way we figure,
I can use the extra boost and
this is one way to get it...
We were fortunate to find
grass-fed humanely raised liver...
Did I mention today that I am so
grateful to God for Mr. Husband?
My heart wants to burst with gratefulness.
I am slowly getting caught up on my
blog reading - if I missed yours,
do forgive me.
Blog note:
in the midst of my health stuff,
my blog email -
roosje blog AT yahoo . CA
email was spammed and
an URL sent out.
If you got one, DELETE.
So sorry I did not remember to pass this on to you all earlier...
Been a bit hectic around here...
Do all, let me know how you are.
I am blessed to have each of you!


E Helena E said...

Oh, I love these updates! May the liver give you strength and the tea give you calmness. Mr. Husband is a gem. My love to you.

Martha said...

That chamomile tea, full of beautiful little buds looks wonderful! ♥ I look forward to hearing how you like baking using the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day book!!!

I adore those photos of Cleo looking at the icons.

I hope you feel better. What are you knitting? Although it would be nice to travel, my parents always said it's not good to travel during Great Lent. So, maybe it's God's will. Stay home, rest and more time for prayers.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Martha... I can't wait to bake more bread... have to get a bit better first...

I am knitting three (!) scarves and 1 dish cloth at the moment :) dreaming of some blankets for future projects...

thank you so much for your comment; I treasure your words as always!

Michelle M. said...

This is a beautiful post! You have so many lovely things to say.

We continue to pray for your speedy recovery!