Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday: Hope and Light, Sorrow and Struggle

It is a rainy grey day here;
last night was snow
and Mr. Husband and I dreamed of a
snow day for him
but it was not to be so.
I have lots of lights on
to fight the grey.

To me the above icons are both
wedding icons;
Mr. Husband was given the wedding icon
a few years ago;
the St. Phanourios icon is mine,
moved for Lent;
over half a year since we were married on his day.

I changed my Christ icon for Lent.

Progress continues on scarf.

Noah continues to struggle greatly,
as I have posted.

Lots of oil and lampadas...
either needing to be refilled or re-lit.

I am reading more of the book on St. Luke

I am going to start reading this book soon;
a small book;
St. Ephraim and Lent...
We got it at the conference in February
and Mr. Husband agreed that it was
a good first-day-of-Lent book.
I have a kind husband.

Tuesday flower watering.

I am dreaming of baking my
orange cranberry bread
but with lemon.
Maybe tomorrow?
I am more than ready to get back to things.
We live in hope
in the midst of struggle and sorrow
yet we live in hope.


Mimi said...

Forgive me, sister.
Such beautiful snapshots of a lovely life indeed. Know you are loved.

elizabeth said...

God forgives!

Thank you Mimi; your encouragement always speaks volumes to me...

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Your icon photos continue to delight and inspire, Elizabeth!