Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tuesday Sunshine and Prayers for Others

Yesterday was quite the day
on the prayer request front.
Not only did I learn that
the beloved Matriarch and Patriarch 
who are like grandparents to my Ottawa Parish
are really struggling....
One of my close friends
who was at my Ottawa bridal shower
and wedding,
who I met the very vespers service
over 7 years in my Ottawa parish
told me of two of her family members health
including a newly diagnosis-ed cancer.
I am still waiting and praying for
another Ottawa friend who has
the list goes on from there.

So the candles are lit...
(Next time not so many
candles in this one,
too much heat by the glass
and it got a very small crack in it;
lesson learned).
I sent my friend this
Akathist to the Mother of God, Healer of Cancer
via email.
I listened to this wonderful
short podcast this morning,
as the meds I am on are doing
a huge insomnia number on me
(tomorrow is the last day to be on them,
Thank God).
The podcast, by
Frederica Mathewes-Green
is about current thoughts she is having on
intercessory prayer and
when you see others suffering and
just want the suffering to end.
Worth listening to.

Mr. Husband and I are hoping
for a dinner that is simple
and that I learned from my sister-friend.
Toasted bread, butter, avocado and chicken.
With a salad on the side...
We got my last sour dough bread
that we had been saving
out of the freezer...
I must admit that I am hoping to make more
bread tomorrow.
I know I am supposed to be resting,
but am hoping that with using the mixer
to knead the dough,
it will not be too much work.
And someone we know is DV coming tomorrow
to help with some things while I am unwell...
so, we will see.
Not being able to do everything,
like my new found love of baking bread,
gives new meaning to me of
the Our Father:
give us our daily bread. 

I am in forever-love with my kitchen
and the sunlight in the mornings.

These two cards
(I had to hand write the verse for the second
as it was behind this icon)
were part of one of our wedding gifts.
From one of my dearly beloved prayerful Catholic friends.
I just love them.
This 365 day verse calendar
was given to Mr. Husband and I
by my cousin A. who
has given so many beautiful things to me
throughout the years.
A good reminder for me today.
I know I am supposed to be still and resting.
At the same time I admit to asking God
how can I rest when am taking
meds that wire me day and night?
But I guess that is where
the lacking self-discipline is supposed to be
worked on...
So I will keep knitting!
Oh, here's another great thing
for anyone who loves children to listen to:
The Akathist to the Mother of God Nurturer of Children
read by Frederica Mathewes-Green.
One of my dear friends had asked
me via email if I knew of an audio version of this 
Akathist and I realized 
not only did I know of this one,
but did not know if I had ever shared it with you all!
It's really lovely and I love it
for praying for my godchildren...
If anyone knows of other places to listen to audio 
versions of Akathists, 
please do let me know
either through a comment 
or my blog email 
(roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT CA).
I hope to do a knitting post soon.
I am almost done with the first scarf,
have two more scarves going
and more than half way on the dish cloth!
Blessings on your day!

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Michelle M. said...

I am so excited for that link to the Akathist! Thanks, Elizabeth!

Prayers continue for you. You certainly have a lot on your plate right now. Hugs!