Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Next Step...

My intrepid doctor called me...
she feels based on the latest
results to tests taken that I am
getting over the mono.
While I still am still a bit tired...
I am doing a bit more each day...
I am getting a bit stronger...
but I know a month of being sick
does not equal not being sick overnight.
Mr. Husband has a colleague who
knows someone who had mono and then
went into high gear right away
and had a terrible relapse...
That said,
I finally got out of the house for a little bit (!!! another YAY!)
and took a walk when Mr. Husband was
nearing home...
I walked out to meet him
and then we had a bit of a walk together.
So that's a great step.
I am going to try to take a small walk/daily.
And tomorrow unless I have
no energy at all
which could happen but hopefully not
I am going to try my hand at making a
cranberry lemon yeast bread.
If I make it,
I will be sure to post the results!
It will be my first bread in a good while!
I did a bit of paper work today and
am finding the book on St. Luke to be quite
I was telling Mr. Husband about this blog
and how I appreciate it as
it is trying to help women create families and
give concrete advice on how to
keep one's home and marriage together
by doing simple things
that used to be standard but are sadly not
these days...
like having Sunday as a day for
worship and family
and eating dinner as a family
See the here for that topic and
on how to rescue a bad day
see here.
She also believes in beauty and a
proper table cloth for one's table
and that my friends
is a very good thing!
The blog community is ever widening and deepening.
If you comment or email me
know that you are greatly appreciate by me!
And if I have missed your blog
in my blog roll and it would fit in
the categories I currently have
(I hope to make more, like one for knitting)
and I know you
(i.e. read your blog, comment and vise-versa),
please let me know if my blog lists somehow
missed you...
how was your day?
Any steps in it to celebrate?
Even little things?
I would love to hear!


Michelle M. said...

What good news! Definitely be careful not to push yourself too much, but enjoy the warmer weather :)

I would love to say that today has been a good day thus far, but, wow, it has been a rough one. I am thankful for the quiet moments right now to sit, drink my green smoothie and catch up with friends online. :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Good news that you are on the road to recovery, but be careful to take small steps, my dear friend! Mono is a nasty illness that can indeed relapse if you overstretch yourself too soon in the healing process.....