Friday, March 08, 2013

Trusting God with this Lent

So many we are praying for to
St. Nectarios.
Just learned today of one of my
undergraduate friend's mother having
stage 4 brain cancer,
starting treatment this Monday.
So heart breaking.
I am still waiting for news of other friend's
health or health of their family members...

This is Mr. Husband's icon.
When one first looks at it,
one thinks it is the
icon of the Protection of the Mother of God.
It is very similar but is actually
the icon of
the Mother of God Joy of All Who Sorrow.
My icon of the Holy Protection
is a close-up of the Mother of God
holding her veil
is on our buffet...
It is so wonderful that we have
such wonderful icons of the
Mother of God to
comfort, protect and keep us....
Mr. Husband and I continue
to learn how to deal
with my current illness.
We have ordered groceries online again.
In hopes of a stronger Elizabeth in the
Bright Season
after Lent,
Spring-form Pans for Cheesecake
have been ordered.
Mr. Husband is a great lover of cheesecake...
My second yarn and needle order
has been shipped and I hope
to have it early next week.
My first dish cloth is done!!
I will try blog about it soon...
Am having fun knitting a small scarf for
one of my nieces.
My cousin M. is mailing me a slipper pattern
like our Oma's slippers
that she always knitted for us.
Mr. Husband said that
I did a
'Nourishing Traditions FAIL'
as I wanted Campbells Chicken noodle soup
over the stock we made from scratch.
What can I say?
When sick, I still go for what I always
had before...
Tomorrow is the first Soul Saturday and
I am homesick for my Ottawa church
and the Panakhyda they 
will have tomorrow.
Mr. Husband is taking really good care of me.
I am so blessed and grateful.
This lent is going to be very different for me.
I will not be able to fast that much
as my body is incredibly weakened. 
Already talked to the priests
I know here about this...
My fast is going to be well, 
from things like ice cream
(but not popsicles!)
A while back my Ottawa spiritual father and I
talked about when one cannot fast
in ways one wishes
because of circumstances 
outside of one's control,
one can focus instead on gaining a
greater love for prayer.
I can only hope for God's mercy.
With my health and 
hopeful May and August plans,
it is very possible that I will not be able to return
to Ottawa until early September.
We just will not know.
My Oma often said
take it as it comes
and that is indeed what we will have to do.
Tomorrow Mr. Husband and I will 
be married for 
6 months.
For this I am very very thankful. 

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