Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Blessings around the house, humour and goodness

This beautiful icon
was a gift
to Mr. Husband and I during our
The first icon we were given together.
I love that I can see it
when sitting in my chair, facing
our icon corner.
Such a blessing to have so much beauty
in the Orthodox church...
I can't imagine my life without it now!
Been about 9 years or so in the church...

This delft tile is our
wedding tile
from my parents.
It is in our kitchen...
Who knew that I would marry
Mr. Husband,
a Dutchman with a love for
beauty and delft like myself?
Surely this is as my
sister friend says:
a gift from God.

I got this delft tile of
a sail boat for
Mr. Husband last summer,
the summer we were engaged to be married.
My cousin A, my Mom and I went to
the Dutch village in Holland MI
and one of the things I was
looking for
was a tile for Mr. Husband,
then my unmarried Orthoman.
A. found this one and it
is perfect
as sailing was in his family in decades past.

I got this kitchen magnet at the Dutch village
years ago with my sister
before she moved to Romania
with her husband.

Last fall
on a day which I remember
Mr. Husband having a really rough
commute home
after hurricane sandy,
a box came for Mr. Husband and I
with this beautiful wedding gift -
USA made pottery,
big enough to hold the soup ladle, spoons
and spatulas.
I love it; it is actually big enough and tall
enough to fit many cooking things in.
When I am cooking or baking
in the kitchen,
which pre-illness was very often,
I would grab things from this
day in and day out. 

So I am a bit spacey sometimes
comically so at times
I would say.
The insomnia that is going on of course
makes this more noticeable to say the least...
So the day, while Mr. Husband was
busy with other tasks,
I put away some mugs and rearranged them.
We all have quirks and how the mugs
are in the cupboard is one of mine.
So the mug above,
which my Mom found at a garage sale
years ago and gave me when
I graduated with my Masters in Library Science,
was on the counter and
I put it away with the others.

Later Mr. Husband asks where his mug is.
The graduation mug.
I said I put it in the cupboard with the others.
What? He said.
It has water in it that I was drinking!
And he rushes to the cupboard and there it is,
on top row of mugs,
full of water,
thankfully none of it split.
I found this to be very amusing... :)
Mr. Husband wore his
dark cameo army surplus shirt while
he was cooking the liver and onions the other day.
That way if any of the
blood got on his shirt,
he could tell his nephews that
the blood was from when he bayoneted
an enemy...
alas, the shirt was not dirtied...
Did I mention that Mr. Husband and I
share the same sense of
wacky humour?
Clearly we were made for each other... 


Matushka Anna said...

What a blessing you have the same sense of humor!! Goodness knows Father and I share the same odd sense of humor - it has saved us many times! <3

Athanasia said...

A sense of humor is a must in any successful marriage. The Hubster and I share it too!

Love the delft tiles. But really love the icon! What is is done one?

Hope you feel better soon so you can sleep!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Anastasia! Yep, humour is so important!!!

The icon is from the Greek monastery in Kenosha WI. The one in Quebec has them at times too - it is on a stone - not sure what kind. Very beautiful!!!

Michelle M. said...

My husband and I are the same way. It is such a blessing! I love being able to laugh all the time, especially at myself :) I love the story of the water mug!

E Helena E said...

I love, love those Delft tiles and the special mugs! :-)