Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday - cloudy but good

My yarn and needles came!
Mr. Husband saw the box when he came home:
that looks like the orange one wears when hunting.
Mrs. Wife thinks...
oh, perfect for a few nephews of mine....
in truth though,
this orange is already taken for my
three Ottawa munchkins.
My sister-friend's boys, the youngest of which
is my godson.
They have links to Holland and Holland's
soccer team has orange as a colour.
So clearly scarves with orange are
in order.
I am thinking orange and cream, with perhaps
some bright blue...
I got a size 8 circular needle
and size 29,
which is gloriously large, for a blanket
I hope to knit in the future.
Oh, I got the cutest colours... :)
I told Mr. Husband that we call one's
collection of yarn
one's stash
and he of course said,
hmm, sounds like when one is on drugs and
they have a stash.
Are you telling me something Mr. Husband?
I asked.
He nodded.
Ok, I had to agree, knitting can be seen as
an addiction of sorts.
But I love it in part because it makes me feel
like I am doing something useful with my time.

So I was knitting by the dining room table
after dinner as
Mr. Husband is still doing cleanup
after dinner so I can rest.
Cleo is very fascinated by the yarn.

So she took it for a bit of  a ride last night,
of course I had to take pictures
instead of stopping her...

it was rather amusing.

This morning I was sitting by the couch and
suddenly looked at this lampada and realized
it was still burning from yesterday
and I ran over and
whew, it had not cracked or run dry.
I added more oil...
and am thankful that the new wick holders are coming soon.
The floating kind make me nervous as I
like to leave them burning and
the wick holders I am getting will only let
it burn so long before it will
naturally be snuffed out,
ensuring that it will not run dry or

Mr. Husband loves this cereal.
I do too,
I admit it. I try not to have too much processed
food around the house,
but somehow with Mr. Husband's penchant for
this cereal,
it stays with us...

Candle burning bright for the
newly departed...

These flowers bring me so much cheer.
I can tell that as long as the blooms last,
I will be wanting to photograph them.
I miss my Ottawa flower photograph walks.
Hopefully when I get better
from this mono I can
go on walks again
and find some flowers waiting to be photographed...

So we ordered this cheesecake
for Butter Week.
I'd never heard of this brand,
restaurant in upper Brooklyn. 

Mr. Husband cut us a piece
each last night.
Oh my.

For once I believe what the box says.
Melt-in-mouth good-enough-for-Pascha-morning-breakfast
I joked with Mr. Husband that I should
eat some more when he is gone
(Mr. Husband loves, loooovveees, cheesecake)
and then he goes and surprises me and says
I need the calories to get better
and to go ahead and eat more than my share.
I assured him I would not
but how generous can my
Mr. Husband be?
Apparently very.
(shhhh, don't tell him,
since it's almost lent and we are supposed to work
on humility... :) ) 
Delft hidden in the kitchen.
I love it.
Thanks to those who left comments recently...
I changed my comment settings to open it
up for more to comment...
we will see what happens...
I am so thankful for my blog community.
This whole
recovering-from-mono and being-in-house-all-week
can be a bit lonely at times.
I am blessed to have Mr. Husband.
It could be so so much worse.
What are you thankful for today?


Matushka Anna said...

That cheesecake looks GREAT. Now, all I want is cheesecake...siigghhh....

I love your yarn! I branched out and got some orange too the other day and I've never used orange. It is so soft. I agree about the addicting part. (And cats are funny when you're crocheting or knitting. Smoky will lie on my bed and eye the end of the yarn intently for ten minutes then POUNCE.)

Thankful: for a very encouraging lab result. (:

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Cheesecake goodness......

Thankful for many, many blessings received today.

Michelle M. said...

You and your hubby are the cutest! I love hearing all your little stories and conversations :)

Oh my... that cheesecake... it makes me DROOL! I miss good NY cheesecake. We used to have a coffee shop in our town that ordered their cheesecakes from NY- they were $40 a pop, and they were GOOD! Unfortunately, they closed down. I used to go there and get my pre-fasting slice :)

elizabeth said...

thanks all! you are all such blessings to me!!

Michelle - wow - that must be some cheese cake! Ours is not nearly that costly but wow, is it good! :)