Thursday, February 28, 2013

February's End

Safe to say that
here in our house
we are all getting quite fatigued.

Years ago my spiritual father
talked about in a homily
how even just a very little bit
done during Lent
when it is all we can do
is enough.
That God will honour it.

Soup from a friend this past weekend
now heating on the stove.
I love this little pan.
It is from my parent's old set
and I've always favoured this one,
the smallest one.

I had to rip it (the dish cloth) out again;
here it is with another new beginning.
I realized what I did however.
I had half of it with what seemed to be
two extra rows.
I had put the needles down
and then started knitting on the wrong one
doubling a half-done row.

Learning anything new takes
a lot of time, vigilance and persistence.
How can it not be the same
in our spiritual lives,
in prayer?

My yarn and new needles are probably downstairs
right now;
I looked and saw online that they were out for
How strange that I will not be racing down
the stairs to get them;
yet how good it must be
as this must be where I am
Being careful.
Balancing and remembering what to do.
Seeking to rest.
Last summer
seems like so long ago.
I was given this hand lotion as part of
my friend's Ottawa bridal shower.
What a happy day that was.
Soon Mr. Husband and I will have been
married 6 months.
I told Mr. Husband yesterday
that sometimes we are just called
to struggle together
our faces looking to Christ.
I have another post I want to share,
about what I have learned
but in the same way still have to learn
about being with God today.
Cleo meanwhile is sitting by me
and my soup is cooled and ready to eat.

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