Friday, February 08, 2013

Baking Bread before the Blizzard and Chesterton

I woke early this morning;
troubled dream.
Realized that I was afraid
of something like the
super-storm drama
of this past fall.
I am afraid of losing power
as it will get cold in
Mr. Husband and I's cozy abode.
But after I relit my lampada,
icon candles and prayed
I began to get calm again.
So this morning
when I woke again
it was lightly snowing,
wet sleet snow;
now it is more a light rain with occasional hail.
It sounds nice on the windows...
Mr. Husband and I both have
the 'intelligent' cell phones now
and we have everything we could possibly need.
Batteries, juice, water, food of various sorts,
batteries, candles, flash lights, warm blankets.
If we lose power we know what to do;
lots of candles; it helps keep the living room warm;
use the gas stove (thank God for that!);
we will read more
Chesterton out loud to each other;
I can't tell you how WONDERFUL
I am finding this book; so consolatory,
so deeply vast and Christian.
I am baking two loaves of sour dough bread.
It is rising for first of two times right now.
I continue to love the stirring,
the pouring of flour;
Cleo was by my feet, hunting for fallen
she is such a funny cat;
she always wants to eat bread!

This tea towel is one that I got for my
spiritual mother's years later memorial service...
I had a few for these services and
I used them only and lovingly now
for baking bread as well...
Links to my past and present life;
I am grocery shopping often these days;
twice yesterday to stock up
and again this morning as I really wanted a few
more supplies for Cleo,
as some of her basic things were running low.
Have to care for her too!
While I am at the store, I listen on
headphone to my Ottawa spiritual father's sermons
on sound cloud, again and again and again....

So now I am home,
bread rising;
looking through a Lenten cookbook meanwhile
and glad that Mr. Husband is home with me
and that
God is with us,
cares for us,
does not abandon us.

I love baking bread;
Really appreciated this post by
Gretchen Joanna about sour dough
and a new blog friend
(hi! and thanks!!)
sent me really neat links about bread
here, here and here.
The last one is very beautiful...
I am really looking forward to trying some of
Jane's recipes,
including this one...

I love this cutting board that I have...
works so well for making bread...
Did some reading on bread cookbooks
after reading Elizabeth at the Garden Window's post
on a Bread cookbook that she loves... fun!
I've been thinking about bread since reading Kate's post
on bread and the book she uses...
I will do my sour dough and
keep lighting candles and hoping that
the blizzard,
which thus far is said to start about 6 pm this evening
here in my area of NJ,
does not mean a loss of power;
snow I love, it is only the power that I hope to keep on!
Especially for those with young children,
or the very old, or the poor, the homeless...
Prayers requested for all of these! 

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