Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today we are with God and are not abandoned

one of my good friend's sent me a
message saying that she
had mono some years back
and it took about a month before it showed up
in the blood tests.
That made it a lot more real for me.
My tests were already showing mono
though not 100%
but enough for my doctor to be sure I have it.
So we are doing a lot of learning around here.
I miss my not-that-long-ago busy days
of baking bread and making
yummy fried potatoes for our
Saturday breakfasts.
But I am trying not think too much about
that, but of all I do have and can do.
I am having chicken broth lots
made by a friend
lately, with
fresh ginger thrown in.

And tea,
mainly echinacea or
ginger and lemon now days.

With Holy Honey,
i.e. from a monastery not that far from here. :)

I had at the loving
advice of one of my best
Ottawa friends
emailed my Ottawa naturopath last weekend.
It's been so busy moving, marrying and adjusting,
with travel, hurricane sandy, a minor snow storm
and earlier sicknesses
to get a new naturopath lined up here.
So now I am on a battery of supplements
that Mr. Husband valiantly got for me.

Having lots of garlic and ginger.
Tea, water.
The dreaded medicine that is giving me
nightly insomnia now has
two more days.
So by Friday morning I will be free of it,
though the side-effects will take probably
another week to totally go away.
My swollen tonsil?
Still quite swollen.
White blotches all over.
The main improvement is that it
is not causing pain.
I think the supplements are in part
helping with this.

Grateful for my red kettle.
Missing making bread.
Trying to figure out ways for us to function with
Mr. Husband's busy schedule and
my inability to do much.
Like laundry.
I have been warned by various good friends
not to lift as
I could rupture my spleen.
Did I mention that before I was diagnosed
I was doing the lifting for the family
due to some upper-back pain of my beloved
Mr. Husband?
Sometimes it just seems a bit hard...
I am working on some ideas to help us...
I ordered two tall 16 oz mugs
that can be in the dishwasher
so that I will not need to use
 the tall clear glasses
that I refuse to have in the dish washer
due to this dish washer already
making scratches in my clear glass
drinking jug.
I do not like to ruin dishes.
This may seem trivial but we are trying to figure out
all ways to make it easier for housekeeping
and things keeping very sanitary.
The last thing we want is Mr. Husband to have mono too.
God forbid!
I ordered more yarn yesterday.
Today I ordered the cups and a good reading light.
Doing simple things like this
I find winds me and
I have to rest a lot.
I find that there is this strange heaviness
 on my chest often
and I just try to keep refocusing on Christ.
Knitting helps.
I have so many who I love who are
in various levels of heartbreak, panic,
uncertainty, job-loss/job-seeking,
health troubles of all sorts
and children and family struggles.
I just keep lighting candles.
Saying little prayers.
I have learned a little bit that
what is true is that God is still with us
in all the darkness,
all the exhaustion,
all the struggle and confusion.
And that some how we have enough
and that we can be with God today.
That He is here with us
and He cares
about our struggles.
My Ottawa spiritual father talks often of
how God is right there in the very
middle of our struggles
with us.
My dear friends:
God is with us and nothing, NOTHING, 
can separate God's love from us.
Let us pray for each other.

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Michelle M. said...

Beautifully said, Elizabeth!

We'll keep praying for you!