Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday, Sunny Monday

This came in the mail late last week.
Mr. Husband figured out that it was to me
as I had bought my beloved a hat
that somehow must of resembled hunting.
Which means that the company sold my information
:( and was totally off the mark...
funny though, hey?

My kitchen matches from Ottawa.
They are all used up now....
they lit lots of monastery candles...
The store in downtown Ottawa
got them in just for me
after they had stopped carrying them
and only supplied
made-in-China matches that
were not worth the wood
they were made of...
I have been hit with missing-Ottawa
a lot lately,
though I am getting to know new people
and am continually touched by their
kindness and am thankful.

Saturday morning
I made crumpets out of
old sour dough starter.
I think that I used too much butter and they
tasted good but did not
look beautiful.
At first all was well
but then the pan,
when half empty
got smokey again
and so I added more butter
and batter
but to no avail; well the crumpets were OK
but the office smoke detector alarm went off again.
Which proves that I have a very good husband
who was home for this time and
did not get upset at me whatsoever
and still appreciated the breakfast,
though the crumpets were not
I've been talking Mr. Husband's ear off about
new recipes and the like and that it
takes a lot to learn how they are done
and timing of them.
I find almost 5 months later we are still working
on building routines and I really
want a schedule for myself
and days I do what
and it is so hard to wait
and see what can be done.
Apparently I must of prayed for patience
as routine is still elusive.
I made soup
for church;
the stock I used was from
nourishing traditions
mainly but it was too bland.
Needed more salt and herbs.
I am learning.
It was my first try and it was edible,
save that the carrots were a little on the
non-tender side.
I can't tell you how much it meant that
even though it was not my best soup
(I make a good borscht with potatoes instead of
cabbage) that my new church family ate it
and with kindness.
This week I hope to make more bread;
sour dough most likely;
I am really excited to try a new fruit
cranberry and orange
bread that a long-time friend sent me
last week...
Today I brave NYC again
it is sunny
I must remember my camera
and yikes
I need to get going...
Meeting Mr. Husband for lunch.
Reason for NYC: dentist.
So not that most fun reason
but one must not complain
on a Monday
when the sun is shining
and one's husband
loves his
who keeps trying new recipes
on him and is totally
undeserving of his
patience and love.


Martha said...

I hope you have a wonderful time in NYC!!! ♥ That is quite a funny letter...but after I saw that you wrote you made stock from "Nourishing Traditions" (my sister gave me a copy of it a few years ago, it's such a fascinating cookbook), I bet you wish you could use some big game, IF you were a hunter. ;)

Anna said...

Have a good trip to the Big Apple -hope the dentist visit is fine. Good dentists are important - would you believe I still go to the dentist in Canada!! Very funny to think of you as a big game hunter. But Cleo, maybe! I understand that Tango was quite the hunter in his heyday, but he is retired these days, and even watches the birds at the feeder benevolently.

Michelle M. said...

I laughed out loud when I read that letter :)

I am sure your beloved enjoys all your new experiences in the kitchen! Cultivating a rhythm in the home is something I am still working on. it takes time, I think.