Monday, February 25, 2013

First House Blessing as Mr. Husband and Mrs. Wife

Hi there.
It feels like forever since I have posted.
I am still sick.
I'm sure I should be taking a nap about now.
One of the many things I am doing
to fight this
most-likely-mono and for sure tonsillitis
is taking a medicine that not only
gives me insomnia at night
but keeps me wired during the day
so it's really hard for me to actually rest.
Which is my excuse for why
I was up and about yesterday cleaning for
our already-planned and postponed once
house blessing.
So here's some pictures

Cleo being loved on.

She was praying and watching!

Mr. Husband carrying the lit candle
into the kitchen. 

Cleo running away from being blessed!
I have a freshly blessed Cleo Cat!!!

One of my little small loves
is a clean soap dish
and fresh soap.
Olive oil soap in the kitchen...

Newly re-found Tea Tree Oil soup for the bathroom.
The bowls and soaps are from Ottawa.
This is the first time I've been
hugely other than a bad head-cold
sick since I left Ottawa.
So I am missing Ottawa right now.
That said my new friends and
church home here are
incredibly supportive
and my beloveds in Ottawa
are blessing me with prayers and love
and emails.
I am just once really blessed
albeit a bit sick

This towel was a gift from
my Aunt H. when I was a girl.
I saved it,
so soft, fluffy; I knew
I wanted to use it the first time
for something special.
And so I did:
as a new bride in my first home
I have been using and enjoying it! 

Icon corners lit and ready for the blessing!

The list of ill and those in need
that I and Mr. Husband ask
St. Nectarios' aid
is growing and growing...

Our wedding crowns
newly house blessed.
I went to sleep that night
with the sensation that I was sleeping
on brand new summer-washed sheets
and that all was new and clean again:
this is how I can best describe the blessing
that one gets when the priest comes;
all is new and young again...
Even when I wake up in the middle of the night
with an ear ache,
still all is blessed.
Cleo was quite curious about the whole event
and I am so happy to have her in my
new life with Mr. Husband.
Mr. Husband
is proving to be again and again the loving
doting husband that I always wished for.
Thank you all for your prayers.
I am still fatigued and quite congested but
I am also loved and
am grateful for this.


Michelle M. said...

Beautiful! I'm glad you have such a wonderful husband to take care of you :)

Athanasia said...

Despite your illness, you sound so content.

Mono is nothing to mess with. My husband got it. Be sure and rest, a lot. It is very important toyour healing.

Victoria said...

you are indeed very blessed. nice post.

Matushka Anna said...

(((((Hugs))))) A first house blessing is very special. (: