Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Sunshine again on a Wednesday - with banana bread and chocolate

Before I begin my post
on banana bread
that I made yesterday
while the bread was rising,
may I mention that our table that
I hoped would be here for the house-blessing has arrived!
I just brought it up from downstairs
(we do not live on ground level)
and wow,
that was heavy; but I did it!
So I did not know if the bread
I made yesterday would work out
so I made a simple
banana bread in the meantime.
It was easy.
I have the red canisters with sugar and flour and the
red mixer near by...
I used this cookbook
Eet Smakelijk: A Collection of Recipes
that I got years ago at a garage sale.
Here's the recipe:

Instead of nuts I added
chocolate chip cookies!

You can see that I followed the directions
for beating the eggs before
putting it all together... 

I love batter.
It's beautiful. 

As you can see,
my cookbook was very loved
by the previous owner!
When I found it
I knew I had found a treasure! 

I grew up knowing these words

Eet Smakelijk

to be said before the meal;
I was told it means
eat heartily
but my sister-friend
who knows Dutch
told me what the cookbook also says
eat with taste. 

Very cool hey?

I love the recipe books cobbled together
by many women and published...
I have at least 6-7 church cookbooks like this...

It turned out well!
After conferring with a wonderful
bread baker about
pizza stones
(thanks if you are reading this!)
and now keep the one Mr. Husband and I
have in the oven
to keep the temperature even in the oven.
So this is now one of the things
I am doing for baking and cooking... 

A simple bread
and a great way to use up bananas that are
going a bit soft and ripe!
PS: just realized about the bread recipe
that cranberry bread 
that I forgot to mention that I opened the oven to spray water
in for moisture a few times...
Oh, and look at this cake recipe that I was given -
I know!!
It looks very enticing!!
I am going to make this God willing for this
Friday, house blessing day...
I am going to see about a recipe for small oranges
and maybe pears...
while doing laundry...

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Martha said...

I hope you have a wonderful house blessing on Friday. That banana bread looks wonderful with chocolate chips! What a treasure of a cookbook. ♥