Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Possible Abbess in my throat but there was Nun

My happy surprise is that I am learning to knit!
I just started last week...
I went in for my second class yesterday morning
in NYC
(I could not find a class that was in the daytime
where I live in NJ).
And I went to see the doctor afterwards.
I woke up yesterday and felt even worse.
I looked in the mirror with a flashlight
in my throat and there
was a huge swollen gland,
the size of a cherry tomato.
Needless to say, I was quite concerned
and emailed for prayer support to some of
my dear family and friends.
Just after that my doctor's office called,
saying that they wanted to schedule a longer
visit with me in case it was needed.
So I went to NYC.
Went to this fun Greek Diner and saw icons of
St. Nicholas
St. Spyridon
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
the Mother of God.
This was a great comfort to me.
I ate some breakfast and went
to the near by knitting store.

I knit a lot on the weekend and the above
what-ever-you-call it was
the result.
I used up a whole skein of yarn!
I made a lot of mistakes which is why you can see it
bunching at the bottom.
So I bought some yarn,
some smaller bamboo needles,
and then went off the subway to get to the doctor's office.
My doctor Thank the Good Lord
is Wonderful and a God-loving Catholic!
She was also quite concerned about
my throat and I was suddenly sent off to
a near by hospital in NYC by cab
to have a cat scan with dye for contrast of my throat.
My doctor was concerned that there could
be a possible abscess in my throat.
I had other tests done as well and was waiting a while
in the doctor's very pleasant office
with paintings and a Cross...
I wanted to keep knitting.
I am really loving it and it helps me keep calm.
But I could not remember how to cast on,
which is the beginning row on a needle for a new project.
And the doctor's office was in a building that my
smart phone was not working...
I was hoping to find a quick video on how to
cast on so I could begin a small project...
The nurse helped me get a cab and told me again
where to go when I got there.
While in the taxi I quickly
found this video to remind myself of how to cast on.
I knew I was forgetting one of the four steps.
I found this video quickly via a Google search
and it was perfect.
And so I, my red cart and bag full of yarn
went to the hospital...
I texted Mr. Husband and the
phone spell checked it
to say
possible abbess in my throat...
he told me later and hence the title of this post!
This is my progress on my new project!
It's going to be a simple scarf.
I like most do not love needles
and I had to have an IV in my arm
so I was making small talk with the nurse,
asking him how long he's been doing this work
and he joked around with me
saying he was brand new
and just yesterday was working in
housekeeping! :)
Another nurse who was preparing a chart smirked
and it was clear that they were a good team and
the humour was great.
So I knitted with the IV in my arm...
I find it calming
and helps me focus to pray also...
I had emailed via my phone for more prayer
support as I waited for the cat scan.
I was a bit overwhelmed but God helped me...

Here you can see how big my first project was
and how small the next one is.
The funny thing is that one of the early mistakes
I was making was adding stitches...
like more than 40 more than I needed!!
The scarf on top was how many I was supposed to have! :)
So the doctor who looked at the
cat scan told me
that there was no abscess
and I already had the prescription for antibiotics...
so I was told to take them and drink lots of water...
It was a long day.
I got another cab Thank God
and went to Mr. Husband's work.
I called my parents to tell them that
I was OK and the cat scan result was good
and then I knitted some more...
We ate dinner and then went back to NJ
ordered and picked up the prescription and
did not get back home till close to 10 PM
last night.
I had joked with my Mother
that nothing is every simple with me!
None of us had guessed that yesterday
I would be going to the hospital!

Someday I hope to be able to knit
something like this blanket that my
Oma made some years back.

It was so strange to be in a hospital in NYC
with the ID bracelet and everything....

Cleo was glad to have us back home.
She missed us!
So between insomnia that I had,
a still very swollen throat and
being very tired...
I am grateful.
I am doing a thanksgiving journal right before bed
and I had so much to be thankful for;
it really puts a different perspective on the day,
even stressful days,
when one remembers that many blessings that were
also in it.
So now I have to rest and drink lots of water,
take my antibiotics and probiotics
and I am going to sit on the couch and knit...
Asking for your prayers...


Victoria said...

harsh harsh! I suffered a lot of strep throat as a kid, so I know how awful throat pain is. my prayers and thoughts are with you. prayers for a speedy recovery, quick healing.

the knitting! so cool. I always forget how to cast off. I have learned a couple times, but the almost finished projects still languish in the knitting basket.

good for you.

Michelle M. said...

wow- what an adventure! I saw your more recent post, and you will continue to be in my prayers.

How funny about the "abbess"!

Just today, I taught myself how to crochet. I am still learning, obviously, but I'm excited for it!

I hope you'll get some rest soon and a good night's sleep.