Thursday, February 07, 2013

Ready, Set, Go

 Cleo and I are ready!
The storm can come.
Mr. Husband is on his way home. 
 I went to the store twice
with my red cart
and got many good supplies.
What's more, I found these recipes,
Since I have a gas stove and
if we lose power
like when Hurricane Sandy struck
we still have our gas stove
but not the oven due to the electrical panel
to start it and not wishing to hurt our selves
trying to light the oven.
I found:
Stove-top raisin bread pudding
(I would have to use cranraisins for Mr. Husband
does not care for raisins baked)
Stove-top traditional Irish soda bread
Stove-top raisin bread
(That I could use cranraisins for too)
I had so regretted not having
any bread recipes when we had no power
for almost three days...
With my smart phone
I can access these recipes and if I have a chance
I will write them or print them tonight as well...
Now the question is if we will have the house blessing
or not...
After seeing this alert...I am not sure if it will
happen, as some would have to travel a
great distance to get to Mr. Husband and I's place...
As my Mom tells me,
prepare and put your trust in the Lord!
Prayers requested!

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E Helena E said...

Stay safe and warm! Love and prayers as always.