Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow on the weekend; we had power, thank God!

The snow as it came down on Friday night.

We got everything ready
in case we lost power.

You can see the snow falling!

Mr. Husband guesses we had
8-12 inches...
Saturday we woke to a still heated home
as the power stayed on
and it was beautiful and sunny!
Weekends are my busiest times now;
I remember years ago my
sister-friend telling me that Saturday was super
busy for her as she was married, etc.
Now I understand this more...
One of my new friends and I were talking
about how one does not really know
what it is like to undergo huge life-changing events
like marriage, or having a child, etc
until one has experienced it themselves.
I love being married.
I also can say that until one has done it
one does not really know what it is like.
In a few weeks Lent will begin it's beginning
with the fast free week, then a week of normal fasting
then a week of fasting from meat only
and then the full Lenten fast.
My new church fasts differently than my Ottawa church
and I can tell that it is going to be a bit of a learning curve
and I imagine that I will be really homesick for my
Ottawa parish as Lent is my favourite time
of year there.
Lent is really late this year.
So strange that Pascha will be in the beginning of May.
I am really glad for a Lenten cookbook that
one of my new friends gave me
as a wedding gift.
Since our house blessing got postponed,
I am hoping to get more little things
done to our place before
it is blessed.
One day at a time...
Do keep praying for Noah.
He is ill again...

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Michelle M. said...

I'm glad you all braved the storm well. My parents had 14 inches. My dad said that after all the shoveling, my mom fell asleep before 7pm that night.

You are right the marriage is only something one can understand after he/she has been a part of one. May the Lord bless your marriage now and always, friend!