Thursday, February 28, 2013

Night Watches, 1 week at home...

It's been a week strait
other than Sunday evening for a dinner
at a neighbour's
after the house blessing
since I've been out of the house.
I don't even go downstairs to get the mail.
The whole temptation to lift things
but frankly it's the
meds I'm one for one more day
making me needing to sit or lay down all day
that keep me up late at night.
Somehow does not seem like a good combination
with mono.
if anything this can be a personal lesson on
not getting what I want.
That will of mine,
it likes to take me places and instead
Christ in His mercy wants
me to be led.
May it be so.
St. John the Baptist prayed
let me decrease and Christ increase.
In today's culture
this seems like one of the most
revolutionary things to do:
let Christ envelope you.

I am praying
as I can
on the couch, in bed,
in the night watches
for those I love,
worry for
and feel their struggle;
know their struggle.
May the Lord help them quickly;
May the Mother of God protect them
and bring her loving presence to
the sufferings and struggles of their lives.

May St. Katherine's serenity
and Cross protect and be with us.
May Christ's light
seen shining in the darkness
give us the way unto we walk.
May we not fear the darkness
because God is still with us
right beside us
in it,
refusing to leave us,
promising never to abandon us.

From the Prologue of Ochrid for today New Calendar
on St. Seraphim and being at peace:

For every man, peace of soul is precious. With those who have attained peace of soul, the body can be in constant motion; in work, in pain, but their souls, affixed to God, always remain in unwavering peace. St. Seraphim of Sarov teaches: "It is necessary to concern oneself with all means in order to preserve peace of soul and not to be disturbed by the insults of others. That is why it is necessary, at all costs, to restrain yourself from anger with the help of vigilance over one's self, preserving the mind and heart from indecent movements. For preserving peace of soul, it is also necessary to avoid judging others. By not judging and by silence, peace of the soul is preserved. When a man is in such a state of mind, he receives divine revelations. In order for man to be preserved from judging others, he must be vigilant over himself; he must not receive from anyone non-spiritual thoughts and he should be dead toward everything worldly. We must tirelessly guard the heart from indecent thoughts and influences. `With closest custody, guard your heart for in it are the sources of life.'

(Proverbs 4:23). From perpetual vigilance over the heart, purity is born, in which the Lord is seen according to the words of eternal truth: `Blessed are the pure in heart:for they shall see God' "(St. Matthew 5:8).

It is easy to forget that
peace is to be found like this.
But truly what 
I just quoted above is the way.
I loved also the following from the same date
on Christ's care and labour for us,
like a deeply loving Father,
like He is as our Saviour:
To contemplate the Lord Jesus as a Traveler:
1. How He is wearied by traveling, perspiring, hungry and thirsty for my salvation, for your salvation and for the salvation of all men;
2. How even at night, He labors for my salvation, for your salvation and for the salvation of all men;
3. How on every journey, He thinks, He worries and He desires salvation for me, for you and for all men.
More found here.
I am seeking to read this wonderful book
nightly before bed.
Mr. Husband happens to have a beautiful
book set of it.
It's one of our greatest treasures. 
I am also on the first bit of re-reading
the revised edition of 
 and it so good to read...
A blessing, 
knit, read, laugh at Cleo's antics,
rest again...
Now if only I could sleep this night...

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