Saturday, February 02, 2013

Early Morning

Picture of old icon from my Ottawa-home Parish's church hall.
I woke up early this Saturday morning.
Mr. Husband and I have a lot to do today.
I am so glad I have cooking and baking to keep me busy.
I can't tell you what a blessing it was to be in Ottawa.
I really miss my home Parish.
My new church home with Mr. Husband is wonderful
but it cannot replace the home of my heart;
I do not and cannot write much about either Parish;
just like I do not have pictures of people
on my blog.
It's one of my few guidelines for this blog.
But I can say I miss it and it's ethos
and the Ukrainian, Bulgarian, many types of converts
and other ethnic groups that make up
my Ottawa-home Parish.
I find the simple spiritual principle to be true:
find people to care for and love
even if by great distance.
My new church is a long ways away
and I think and care about many of them
throughout the week
and this helps.
I miss my old friends though;
how we would talk theology and about
father's sermons or
about some other idea...
I miss praying with my dear Romanian friend
or my sister-friend.
I stayed at my sister-friend's place
watching my beautiful godson and his lovely
thin but plentiful hair
going many directions and one of my favourite
moments was when I read the Psalms
in the thirties
while my sister-friend washed dishes;
somehow standing there in that kitchen
reading from my little Psalter
was like standing in my Ottawa-home Parish
God is with us.