Thursday, February 07, 2013

St. Xenia and house preparations

Yesterday was St. Xenia of Petersburg's Day.
Online Akathist to St. Xenia found here.
Her prayers help people find
spouses, jobs, help;
children; family.
She is a great intercessor and protector.
This icon above is the first icon
I ever bought
and she has been with me for over 8 years now...
as I mentioned,
our table came for the office.
Here it is,
all set up!
Of course Cleo thinks it is here table...
I have since rearranged it a bit
so that it is not up against the window sill...

I think Cleo liked being a bit higher so that she
can see what is going on outside!

She is a cute cat,
if a bit naughty at times...
At some point I may iron the table cloth
but for now,
I am just happy to have it up!
It sounds like we are due to have a
snow storm in these parts;
I hope that our house blessing
that is to be tomorrow
will not be cancelled/postponed due to
bad weather...
I will go to the grocery store,
continue to pray
and clean...


Maria said...

Every year we try to hold a feast for St. Xenia as the patron of our family. This year's feast was supposed to be Sunday at church. Lots of cooking to do between now and then to get ready BUT suddenly it seems like we might not get dug out from the storm in time to get to church for the celebration.

Victoria said...

that is a gorgeous table cloth. is it new? wedding gift?

elizabeth said...

Maria, I hear you... keep me posted on how you are...

Victoria - the underneath red cloth and the plastic on top are new; the white one is Mr. Husband's! I am not sure where he got it from; he has beautiful taste.....

matushka constantina said...

Thank you for linking to St. Xenia's akathist! I love her very much.

I'm also enjoying all the photos you've been posting of your cooking, etc.

Hope you survived the storm! I know my family in New Brunswick got it pretty bad.