Monday, February 25, 2013

Knitting and a little place to rest (take 2, hopefully the pictures will stay this time)

I really wish the doctor had not told me
that she feels I have mono.
I've never had such a hard time resting!
This is where I sit, rest and knit.
New book of poetry
that I got from Mr. Husband
at the 8th Day Books book-stand
at the conference we went to last week.

The shelf with
many of Mr. Husband's books and a few of mine.
He's an Ortho-nerd like me and it
is so wonderful.
This small icon of the Mother of God was
given to Mr Husband.
It is from Rome.

A flower pot I got for my Mother
when I was a child
that used to be on a little kitchen window
shelf in my childhood
we-have-moved-since home
where my Mother would do dishes
with the window open to sunshine and
seeing us kids swing outside in the back yard.
The hair clip was a gift from a
beloved family member who
got it in Rome some years back.
The key is from my cousin and
says where
God closes one door another opens.

Also from my parent's home,
this has been with me for several years now.

St. Nectarios and St. Spyridon.
The flower in the frame
was a reminder that God has many gifts for us
and loves us... the flower was pressed in a book
over a summer years past and then
given to me as a reminder of God's mercy...

I don't remember where I got this one;
very possibly my Mother of the same cousin
who gave me that small key.

Holly Hobby.
Bought in Fort Langley BC
years ago at their antique mall.

For I know the plans for you plaque,
same cousin mentioned.
Rose water pot from my Aunt K. for my
Golden birthday years ago;
the man and women in glass was from my parent's house.
The wooden spoon still needs to be hung up
properly and is one of my very
treasured wedding gifts from Romania.

Swan from my Oma when I was a child.
Dutch dolls from a very special Ottawa friend;
little cookbook - maybe the same cousin...
small spoon and tea ball I've had for years.

Mr. Husband's spiritual father recommend this
book of icons for us.
It's very lovely.

and my ladybug pillow that my Oma made
years ago.

Icons all lit for house blessing!

This was Mr. Husband's basket
that he is letting me have for my knitting!
And above is my first dishcloth.
Bamboo needles and kitchen-cotton

Found this knitted bag that my Oma made
years ago. 

Quilt I use daily from a
friend I miss and love in Ottawa
whom made it for my wedding.

My beloved socks!
I wear them around the house as slippers daily...
Speaking of slippers
I found all my old slippers that I got over
many years from my Oma,
all of which need to be mended.
Anyone that would know,
what type of yarn would you use
for mending the bottoms of slippers?
Matching colours does not concern me for these...
I am loving knitting and the dreaming of all I want to make.
I found this blog through the
yarn along button that many of my blog friends use
and am really enjoying it.
Now I must sit and knit and rest...
But not before I leave with two prayer requests:

1. My friend Mara could really use continued prayers.
We've been exchanging phone calls and she is
really struggling.
All I can say is that it breaks my heart.
please pray for her, that God protect her
and save her.

2.  I have learned that an Romanian orphaned family
as in the parents died
and the oldest child takes care of the others
so 9 kids all together
had their home destroyed:
a fire took out the roof
and the house was spared but the water flooded everything.
It is winter there in Romania;
I know of them through my Ottawa church.
Please please pray for them.
If and how we may be able to help,
I will let you know as soon
as I know more.
I have a curable sickness that hopefully
will go away within 2-3 months,
with parents, husband and many who
love me and a nice house to live in and fun knitting projects.
These 9 are poor, orphaned and lost their home.
I know I am not supposed to compare
but please,
pray for these beloved ones
who have such heavy burdens and losses.
I will rest now...
Please pray for me.
I am so thankful
yet my heart breaks for others
and I am sick but have a hard time resting.
If I did not have my
thanksgiving journal
to keep my perspective in balance;
it would be a lot harder to deal with...
it's all we have left and God is the One who
can save us out of so many troubles.


Matushka Anna said...

Glad to see the photos this time! I love having little peaks into your life. (: With what loveliness you're surrounded...

(Prayers for you and also for your friend and those poor children...)

TeresaAngelina said...

Not sure if you have heard of this but since you are interested in fibre arts, this might be down your alley:
They have all sorts of free patterns and help with all kinds of fibre art type projects. There is no fee to join. God's grace as you knit and mend.

Melissa said...

Thinking of you as you rest and wishing you a speedy recovery!