Friday, February 08, 2013

The Bread is Beautiful and the Snow Plentiful

Forgot to mention...
I got the email suggesting our house blessing
be rescheduled for another day.
With the amount of snow coming down
and the drive that would have to be done
by many to have this blessing
it is not worth the risk, danger, etc.
So we will be rescheduling...
the bread is baked
and Mr. Husband and I each had 1 slice
hot out of the oven
with raspberry jam!
Here it is risen,

I did a new for me thing
and used our pizza stone to bake them on,
with the parchment paper underneath,
and under the pizza stone,
a Pyrex casserole dish with boiling water
in it,
both of which were in the oven when
I turned it one for the 30 minute preheat. 

The parchment paper was a bit too long... :)
But no fires, no burning, no problems! :)

The secret to the golden bread
I mentioned in my first sour dough bread post:
brush the just hot out of the oven
bread with olive oil.
Before I did this,
it was a pale pale golden hue. 

I was looking at the bread
freshly baked and was puzzled...
something was different...
Then I realized that I had forgotten
to pierce the tops!
so this one cracked open,
the other did not...
These two loaves were denser
than some of my other sour dough loaves;
but I think that the dough may not of risen as high
during the first rising time...
There can be all different factors...
and I read in this blog post
that Gretchen Joanna posted
that weather can influence baking and that
sunny days help the bread rise more...
I also used a pizza stone and
had water underneath;
another way to do it,
that I did with the cranberry orange bread,
is to open the oven and spray water in...
So many things to experiment with... 

But still,
the bread was good!

Now I just need a soup to go with it
or another hot dish...
If we have power tomorrow,
I am thinking of baking a baked chicken with
milk/cream sauce that I have not
done before...

the snow keeps coming down.
But we know where our hope is:
our faithful loving Saviour
and Lord
Jesus Christ.

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Emily H. said...

The bread looks delicious! I hope you're weathering the snow well!