Saturday, February 02, 2013

Meal Times on Friday

Fridays (or other normal fast days)
are pretty simple around our house.

Carrots for lunch.
The leftovers went
(with the carrot peels) into
the soup stock I made last night
and that is now melding flavours in the fridge).

Mr. Husband loves salad.

Toasted up bread;
yummy goodness! :) 

Mr. Husband cut up the apples...

Last night I made up a small batch
of sugar cookies.
Three trays and it was done!
I used a bit less butter and added
half-and-half (organic) instead of milk,
adding a bit more of this than last time.
I love my Fanny Farmer Cookbook!
I made these cookies even smaller
and they were a bit more 'fluffy' this time.
They are now sitting on the counter
in a simple plastic container...
So many of the items that make up my kitchen
are new to me, almost 5 months new;
wedding gifts;
can you imagine,
Mr. Husband and I will be married 5 months already;
we were talking about our early months of dating
and agreed that it felt like a long time ago already...
Next week exactly will be 5 months of marriage for us.
I am still loving the newly married stage;
it is a special stage, I can tell;
and I pray that God will help us continue to build
a peaceful and strong home together
protected by Christ and His Mother. 

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Michelle M. said...

Five months :) How exciting! I love reading how much you are enjoying your new role. I know it is a big change, and you are doing beautifully!