Monday, February 04, 2013

NYC on a Monday

I am getting better at going into NYC
but I still find it super-tiring.
Public Transit is loud and long;
so many places, shops and people.
I did find somewhere that claims
to have the best cheesecake,
so that is something.
Mr. Husband loves cheesecake
and I promised to make him some
for our first Valentines Day as a
married couple...
I am glad that I get to stay home tomorrow.
We are having our house blessed DV this Friday.
So tomorrow will be more of a
cleaning day.
Well, and baking bread.
I do want to try that fruit bread...
One of my new friends is coming for a late
afternoon tea.
And so it goes, one day at a time.


Matushka Anna said...

I don't know how well I'd handle NY so I think you're doing quite well! (:

Michelle M. said...

I agree with Mat Anna! I grew up in NY and the city still intimidates me, and we were only 40 miles north of Manhattan.

NY Cheesecake is BY FAR the best in the world. I love it and miss it!

Martha said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear how your homemade cheesecake turns out. I'm not the best cheesecake baker, but have made quite a few batches this past month. recipe is half of the recipe that is for a whole cheesecake in one of my cookbooks)