Tuesday, February 05, 2013

My First Tea in NJ

I got out one of my two
IKEA three tiered tea trays.
Italian cookies on top.

Had two teas
an English Breakfast
and Bridgehead's decaf black tea

Some of the cranberry and orange bread
enjoyed with butter. 

Organic Cream.
Organic cheeses and lovely
grapes, pear and crackers
courtesy of one of my NJ friends.
I must say
it is wonderful to be slowly making connections;
to be able to bake and share bread
with others is indeed
to me paramount to living with others
as Christians;
breaking bread...
It was the first time I used my fiesta-ware for tea!
As I made the cranberry and orange bread
I found myself humming
O Christmas Tree.
Apparently I was not only happy
and anticipating a nice time with a new friend
but the bread should be made around
Christmas time...
It was lovely to have a chance for tea and
to make a beautiful table!
And talk about ideas, people, the world,
and baking over cups of tea and bread,
cheese, fruit and cookies...


E Helena E said...

What a joyous post! It made me happy to read it.

Matushka Anna said...


Michelle M. said...

I wish I could have joined you! I love those NY Italian cookies. I grew up eating them :) You always set such a lovely table.

Maria said...

How nice to take the time to turn a cup of tea with a friend into something very special.

Arlie said...

Hi! I must say, I feel like I know you and I've never commented on your blog or talked to you before. I've followed your blog for a while, but not sure when I began. I have the same fiesta sugar creamer set and tea cups. Same colors even!

I am glad you were able to welcome a new friend to your home and share in the breaking of bread. If you would like to talk about bread baking I would love to chat either via phone or email. arliecrabtree at gmail dot com My blog (although I rarely write, it is mostly my husband) thecrabtree.net

elizabeth said...

Hi Arlie,

Welcome here! I sent you an email on my roosje blog @ yahoo dot ca email address.

Very lovely about the dishes and shared love of baking bread! :)

Rebekah Markewich said...

That looks delicious!