Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crown them with Glory and Honour

(our wedding crowns, hanging above our bed)

It's been over 10 months since
Mr. Husband and I were crowned in
the sacrament of marriage.
So, we hope for many years of marriage.
I've been thinking on some of the lessons
we have learned in year almost one...
I am going to do a small series on some of these
1. Communication is essential. 

Taking time to talk about things and through things
is really important.
It helps you remain connected and helps
understanding to be built and mutuality.

It is very possible however
that one may need some time before they know what they
think on a topic.

Realizing this can give a balance to things...

2. Ritual of Forgiveness 

Mr. Husband and I know various Orthodox couples
who as a couple or as a family
after prayers ask forgiveness of the other.
It is like a mini forgiveness vespers that
one has in the Orthodox church at the beginning of
Great Lent.
Simply put... one says
forgive me a sinner
and the other replies
God forgives, forgive me a sinner
to which you say
God forgives.
It is also a wonderful thing to do when
one realizes that they were wrong about something.
Just going up to one's spouse and saying
forgive me a sinner
can begin the healing of whatever may of been
happening at the time.

3. Prayer

Praying for each other daily.
Praying with each other.
Praying for specific needs.
Praying for one's marriage.
Praying to one's Patron Saint.
Praying some prayers together.
Having a lampada lit.
Having a routine of prayer,
no matter how small,
that you seek to do every day.

*Note: While it may be obvious, as I hope it is... my lessons learned on marriage are ongoing and of course are not replacing the many good sources on marital harmony or help. Talking to one's priest, 
to a counselor whose goal is to sustain marriages and many books may be of help.
 A few books I know of on marriage are found here.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Sounds like you and Mr Husband have a very sound understanding about matrimony!

Paula said...

gorgeous crowns... here in Romania we don't keep our crowns, they are property of the church - here's a photo from a friend's wedding

Michelle M. said...

Communication is KEY! Great post, Elizabeth!