Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Dresses ~ Weddings and Church Events

I had ordered some dresses
for the summer a while back
and they all had to be returned.
Which meant I still had to find outfits for
two weddings and church feast days, etc.

Last week Mr. Husband and I
were able to quick go to a mall near by
to our far away church.
With my still mono-tiredness,
I just was not able to get to a store during the week
and we have two
weddings DV this summer to go to!
So I got a summery pink/peach dress
and white sweater :)

It's linen and very comfortable.

I got one in black with beige sweater as well
(all on sale).

I really prefer longer dresses as I feel
better in them and I really treasure modesty.
I've already worn the black dress
with a simple white sweater and bright
pink shawl to church.
I love that I can use the sweaters with many outfits
and how versatile they are!
I find with hot weather and cold air conditioned places
that I need something that can be layer quickly
or be shed in heat without losing modesty!
I try to get dresses and clothes in general that can
go with many other things,
layer well and be functional for both cooler and
hot summer weather.
How do you handle summer wardrobe,
hot weather and still have something to wear
for weddings and church events?
Would love to know!


Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

Good prompts! and good choices too. I think the colours will suit you very well and mix & match pieces are so handy. I hope you have a lovely time wearing them to the weddings this summer.Would you believe I'll be going to four! Well, early October is maybe pushing the definition of 'summer' but we can hope the weather might still be ok for summer dresses. I love linen for summer too and often wear shades of indigo plus white or natural linen. The ironing is worth it! Longer skirts for me too, especially as a cyclist. For complete avoidance of 'Marilyn moments' though, I often pair the skirt with the salwar (trousers) from salwar kameez (Punjabi suit). So comfortable and modest while pedalling away, and then I can remove them (or not) when I arrive. And I hear you about layers! There's little air conditioning here but the weather changes often and abruptly. Meanwhile our church is a real heat trap and the choir loft is especially sweltering. 30+ outside here today!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Very pretty!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Beautiful dresses! I'm glad you had an opportunity (and the energy) to get out and find something elegant for your events! J. Jill always has such lovely dresses.

Layers and linen are definitely the way to go when it comes to staying modest in the summer! I don't know where I'd be without my trusty cardigans and shirtdresses!

Laura said...

My brother gifted me a scarf that he picked up while he was in France a few summers back (women seem to wear them year-round over there). Working in an excessively air-conditioned building, I've found it helpful to have a light summer scarf on-hand to drape over my shoulders in the office. It seems to breathe better than most of my sweaters, so I like to wear it over my shoulders at outdoor events as well.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You've found gorgeous dresses, and I especially love the peach coloured one!