Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Scarves, Squares and a book upholding relationships

Whenever Mr. Husband and I travel
I take my knitting.
This past week had a lot of travel and
I took a fun pink yarn for a scarf
and did not realize until I was not at home
that I would need another skein.
So I did what anyone would do
who did not want to waste time
and who had new yarn with her,
but not one to match the current project...
I slowly threaded the end of the yarn
through the loops to get it off the
needles that I needed for
another project.

It worked well!

So I am about half done on this scarf.
Ravelry here.
I finished another green square for
my September School Blanket.

I bought this green yarn and then
realized that it was a bit thinner than I wanted.
So I am doubling the yarn like I did for the
baby blankets I made.

It is going well!
I am looking forward to begin sewing this

I saw this book quoted a while back
and was intrigued. 
So I looked it up and decided to
purchase it.
It's been a great read so far.
My view is not matter how great one's marriage is,
there is always room for growth.
Mr. Husband and I are still in our first year of marriage
and of course this means a lot of learning.
So I am really grateful for this book
as it is giving good food for thought and a lot of grace to our lives.
Very fitting to have a book on growth
after the beautiful time of Pentecost that we have had.
I am still loving the table cloth you see above
and love the everyday cheer that such beautiful
things can give to one's home.
What are you reading and crafting?
Yarn Along with us!


Martha said...

I'm amazed at how much you knit. Keep it up. I tire of knitting too easily and am more satisfied with the quick work of crocheting. ♥ I just finished a hat and a book! I wrote about it on my blog:

Michelle M. said...

You have really gotten the hang of knitting- you seem like such a pro in a short amount of time.

I have so many things I need to crochet, but I also push that to the very last thing on the to do list.

Unknown said...

Such pretty projects you are working on! I love the tablecloth too. I've never visited your blog before but just skimmed through your posts from a few days ago and cannot wait to come back to sit for some time and read more. Bringing the faith into our homes & making a home beautiful is dear to my heart! I'm looking forward to spending more time here :-)

karen said...

Great green scarf on the needles! Bummer you didn't have enough yarn for the other project maybe you could unknit it and knit something else!!

elizabeth said...

Jen - welcome here! hope to see more of you!

Karen ~ thanks! Oh, I had more of the yarn, just not with me at the time; sorry if I was unclear!

Thanks Michelle! I am still pretty much doing only one stitch.. you've done pretty well on this too I think!

Thanks Martha! loved your blog post as usual! :)

Sarah said...

Love your scarf AND the blanket! You have a knack for choosing adorable yarns!

Ohhh for the days when a tablecloth could stay on my table for more than one meal... it doesn't matter what I do - even if I put placemats over the cloth for my children, they somehow manage to smear or dribble or drop food on it immediately. I sure try but end up having to change and wash every day and on top of clothes and diaper laundry I remain unconvinced it's worth it just now! But I agree about the small things that make home "home..." Tablecloth or no, a vase of flowers from the garden resides on my table through the warm months and candles in the cool months - such a touch is important for making mealtimes feel special and important! Have you ever read "The Hidden Art of Homemaking" by Edith Schaeffer? The whole book is basically about this concept, you may really like it!

Kathi said...

You're working in pink too, I see!

I wanted to move on to a hat and scarf set for my next Christmas knitting, but it's just too hot. I settled on some socks for now.

Chrissy said...

Wonderful projects you're working on! Love the green yarn! Happy knitting! xxx

flyingjen said...

I agree, there is always room for improvement in marriage.

Athanasia said...

Love the table cloth and the ladybugs pillow!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I haven't managed to knit at all this week, what with running back and forth to the hospital, and have resorted to "comfort reading" - just finished Georgette Heyer's April Lady and am just starting A Convenient Marriage :-)