Friday, July 19, 2013

St. Elizabeth's Day

Mr. Husband and I had
a wonderful time
celebrating St. Elizabeth's Day
After the festivities, we went to
Michael's and I got some
great knitting supplies and more
yarn for the
September School Blanket I am making!
I got a fun deep yellow and a great
orange to add to the blanket!
Thank you for your prayers for the
newly born child.
So far so good from what I have heard.
We are praying very much for them all.
And I started my blanket for them!
It will DV be a blue blanket with a yellow boarder.
I would love to do a simple
knit yellow duck in the centre.
Any ideas where I can do this without too much
knitting stress
(since I have not done pattern work yet)?
It was so wonderful to be in church
for St. Elizabeth after hearing about
the newly born 1.5 lb baby and my
Aunt's struggles with a sudden broken arm.
We are so blessed to have the church to pray
in and for those we love and care about.
I am so thankful!
What are you thankful for today?


Martha said...

Is it your namesday? ♥ What a beautiful icon!

Sarah in Indiana said...

Maybe you could appliqué a duck on the blanket after it's finished?