Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today's Progress and an update...

I am almost done with the top
of this baby blanket.
My cousin sent me some pictures of his
little boy.
He's so little!
I am so excited to make things for him,
this new little one;
such a miracle, the birth of a new human being.
The baby is doing well and is still in hospital.
So, I had the doctor's phone consult.
Got some things discussed that were really needed,
so that is good.
But let's just hope that the naturopath can help me with this
chronic mono / post-severe mono sickness.
My bio-medical doctor pretty much said
she know of nothing for it other than rest,
adjusting your life to account for the crazy fatigue
and that it is hard.
My naturopath believes it can be cured and has me
on a anti-viral supplement and other things.
So I will keep praying,
rest when needed and knit lots and seek to pray.
Thank you to each of you who took the time to comment on my blog
yesterday as I asked for prayers.
You are all such blessings to me. 
I am about finished with the top row of yellow on the blanket.
I am going to try to teach myself the technique of
picking up stitches.
Liked this post on making friends.
It's funny,
the line about don't assume if you are mother that
someone who is single and childless would not like to be
your friend.
My goodness.  
My sister-friend in Ottawa has three children and we are
really close and I used to read to her oldest two
boys before bed on a regular basis!
I talked with her the other day and my godson,
who will be two in October,
is talking and doing little prayers that go like this:
I know, CUTE. :)
And good, so proud of his Mommy for instilling prayer
like this....
I can't wait to see them again!
I miss seeing my godchild on a regular basis!
Well, I best get on with knitting.
Not only do I have my cousin's godchild to knit for,
I have things for my three munchkins in Ottawa,
including the above mentioned godson,
to knit for.
Did I mention I have 15 nieces and nephews too? :)
Lots of scarves to make and hopefully
more complicated things in the future.
That elephant is hopefully going to be started next week,
once I get the baby blanket done,
not to mention more stitching for the September School Blanket...
Oh, was meaning to mention...
am doing a series of posts starting today
on marriage ~ just what I have learned.
I get a bit worried that somehow someone would think I
know more than I do ~ or something odd like that ~
so I have put a bit of a small print caveat for these posts...
Just to try to stay
hey! I love being married and this is what I have learned so far
but remember I am newly married and am not an 
I've written the posts and they will be posted over the
next month...since I have lots of  "going-ons" in August
with family visits happening, etc...
So, how is your day looking??
Anything I can pray for you for and light a candle?
So wonderful to have a blog community that
prays for each other!


E Helena E said...

Still praying and sending hugs. Thanks be to God for the update on the baby.

GretchenJoanna said...

Elizabeth, will you pray for Sandra, my sister-in-law, 70 yrs old, who has become mentally ill since her father died? Thank you!!

elizabeth said...

Thanks E-H
GJ: Lord have mercy. Lit a candle for her esp today, added her to list!

Lisa said...

So sorry to hear about your being under the weather for such a time. :( Lord willing, you will be well soon and improve day by day! Knitting can be a wonderful way to fill the time and stay productive when the energy to be moving about just isn't there. Blessings & prayers, ~Lisa