Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Sunshine in Mid-July

After a busy weekend,
I found for a few days
only the trusty 4 day candle was lit...

It's hard some days.

Things can seem only dusty or
that various situations seem like
mountains too big to climb... 

It takes a lot of effort
and yet Christ promises that even
giving a glass of water can bring one
to the Kingdom of Heaven.

We need the help of the Saints.

It was a relief to have lampadas lit again... 

Mr. Husband and I love getting mail.
We've gotten some real fun cards recently...

They are a real joy to us.

I loved these two postcards...!
The Hobbit of course is the first book
that Mr. Husband and I read together,
beginning on our honeymoon... 

Some days it seems a real
feat to get some laundry done.
I love these simple towels that
one of my Aunts and Cousins gave to
Mr. Husband and I last summer
at my family bridal shower.
I love these handmade ones
that have the knit tops so that you can hang
them from your oven or fridge.
Drying on racks is something I have done for
years and it really seems to preserve things
So what are you looking at for today?
Any mountains you are climbing or
views from the top or mid-way up?

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