Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Curry Vegetable Dish ~ what we enjoyed for July 4th weekend

Mr. Husband and I stayed in town for the 4th and
just enjoyed being home together.
And I was able to make a new dish,
a curry with various vegetables.

Mushrooms, carrots, green pepper.

I used the above recipe with many changes.

One thing I would do differently next time
is not cook the vegetables as long.

I soaked the cauliflower before using it.

I also added some russet potatoes
as I did not have the waxy potatoes mentioned in
the recipe.

The curry spices were added to oil first,
then the potatoes.
I am going to do less baking time for the potatoes
as they were very soft by the end.

But it was still good!
We enjoyed it with some basmati rice. 

Mr. Husband loves raw veggies so we
had some raw cauliflower too.
The recipe did not call for salt or pepper,
which we added at the end.
With it,
it was a great meal!
With the mentioned future DV adjustments,
I think this curry can be a meal Mr. Husband and I
can enjoy in future fasts!

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