Thursday, July 04, 2013

Fish Dinner for St. John's Day

Another way to celebrate Saint's Days is
having festive meals.

We are in the Apostle's fast* now
and St. John's Day was on Tuesday
and it was a fish day.

So Mr. Husband and I had salmon burgers :)
They were wild-caught Alaskan salmon
and they fried up very nicely in our
cast iron skillet.

Since it was a feast day for us,
we used my nice white with flowers china;
it used to be my Grandmother's and is dishwasher safe,
so a great one to use for festive occasions
that we still want to be able to clean up quickly from.

We used our nice silverware and
had a simple salad with our standard balsamic vinaigrette. 

Just a bit of oil and balsamic vinegar from
the oil and vinegar cruets in the picture above.

I like having golden raisins
(or dried cranberries or dried cherries)
with my salad.
Add a fresh baked potato and cut carrots
and one has a lovely meal!
Having special meals and incorporating the fasts
into our life as a family is an important way
to keep the life of the church in our home.
And a wonderful way to enjoy St. John's day!


(*one of the unfortunate impacts of the new/old calendar 
that happened in the earlier 1900s is that 
we are not all on the same fasts and feasts at the same time
in the Orthodox church. 
Personally I think it unwise to judge 
anyone by what calendar they are on
but I do live with a certain amount of sadness that 
we have this complication.
But God can work within anything and 
we can all rejoice in God and in the liturgical life of the church,
even if with two calendars).

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E Helena E said...

That looks and sounds like a lovely dinner. You always set a beautiful table. We had barbecued west coast salmon burgers yesterday also. The ground up salmon was combined with Dijon mustard powder, fresh mint, Panko breadcrumbs, shallots, and mayonnaise. We also used a touch of Cattleboyz barbecue sauce. They were very yummy.