Friday, July 12, 2013

Feast of St. Peter and Paul

Today is the feast of 
Saints Peter and Paul!
Mr. Husband and I went to liturgy for the
feast today!
We went out to our favourite local on the way home
Thai restaurant and shared
a really nice fish curry!
For dinner we had the left overs from our
fish dinner we made together last night.
Here's a few ways to celebrate this feast:

~Go to vespers or vigil the night before the Feast
~Go to liturgy day of Feast
~Display icons for this feast in your home
~Light an candle or lampda by the festive icon
~Pray the prayers for the feast at home before meals
~if you can't go to anything the night before,
consider praying all or some of the canon to
Saints Peter and Paul
(if you have it)
 ~ You can pray part or all of one of these Akathists to them
(here and here)
~have a festive fish meal (if the feast is on a Wednesday or
Friday) or fully festive meal
~Congratulate your family members on the feast
~Put flowers by an icon of St. Peter and St. Paul
~Read the Gospel and Epistle readings for the Feast
~if you have children consider telling them stories
of St. Peter and Paul
~take comfort that these Saints had struggled and
at times failed but Christ forgave them and
through Christ they became great Saints

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