Monday, July 08, 2013

Various things that make up our days

I have been reading the Psalter
more these days
and find the Scripture to be so
We can get so overwhelmed by current events
but these have always been happening
and taking refuge in God,
reading the Psalter
and doing prayers
can restore us
and give us hope,
even when it seems that there is none
to be seen.

I had not realized it,
but did you know that you can open
up your cans of olive oil
on a corner with a can opener
and funnel the oil that would not come out?
Yay for saving money and not wasting!
Anyone else missing Google Reader?
I am... but feedly is OK over all,
but of course the search function is um,
but at least I can still read my feeds...
So the other week we had icons blessed at my
far away church,
including a future bride's wedding icons.

We are so excited for the two new couples
whose weddings we hope to go to this summer!

Cleo continues to be a source of
amusement to us both here at our home...

I am eating a lot more salads these days...
still low on energy but at least I am trying to get
get my greens in...
Mr. Husband and I had gone to a library book-sale
the other week and I am slowly listening to
Dear Mr. Henshaw...
I have not listened to the end,
so I am still waiting to hear how it turns out.
I have been reading a bit more on Edith Schaffer's books...
really enjoying the hidden art of homemaking.
I feel very much that this first year of marriage for me
is all about learning to be a homemaker,
while getting sick with mono and facing challenges
that will help teach us how to deal with the unexpected
as a married couple.
I was talking today to my Grandma about the homemaking book...
published in 1971... my Grandma commented
it was a while ago when the Schaffer's had their ministry...
things were different then,
like how you could get discards of leather to make things with.
We talked about how people today do not
always know how to be thrifty or make do when money is tight.
So we talked about how you can buy
chicken instead of steak
and chicken thighs instead of more expensive cuts
or having a more inexpensive fish, like tilapia...
I remember when all was suddenly crazy for me
a few years ago and I was
facing an unexpected tax bill,
did not have money to go home for Christmas
and was still looking for a job...
I still made icons for gifts.
I could do so for under 2 dollars.
I think it is really wise of Edith Schaffer to encourage her
readers to make one's home beautiful
and that it did not have to be done in expensive ways.
It is wonderful to find meaningful things in our days,
no matter what we may find ourselves in the middle of.


E Helena E said...

Your icon gifts were (and are) such a blessing. The Psalter is there when things crumble and fail around us. Let us always take refuge in the Lord. The last two lines of yours are very wise!

Athanasia said...

I decided to go with Newsify on my iPad to replace Google Reader. I like it. I'm using Feedly on my laptop. It's okay. I do more reading on my iPad so am glad for the Newsify app.

I enjoy being thrifty, especially when the kids were little. My daughter still remembers the Christmas we really had to tighten our belts. i wrapped their few presents like pieces of candy (gum ball and lollipop). They still say that was the best Christmas.

Making a home happens a little at a time.

Emily H. said...

Homemaking really seems to be quickly becoming a lost art, a jewel found hidden in dusty pages. I think I was born in the wrong era - I love homemaking! I'm glad to see we have the same interest! :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks E-H! :)

A - that is really special; I love reading about this Christmas, thank you.

Emily H - I feel the same way about eras! Homemaking is such a wonderful art!

Apseed said...

It's sad that people think that being a homemaker is something boring or requires special skills. But this is not true. You just have to learn to be creative in all situations.
On this subject, there is another good book by Shannon Hayes "Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture".
Highly recommend it.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The Psalter is my rock in times of sadness and my delight in times of joy :-)

You are making such a lovely, happy and grace-filled home for you all, and dear Cleo looks very contented!

Corrabelle said...

I really enjoyed Edith Schaeffer's book too! So glad to hear that others still know who she was and know about her ministry.
My Dad (a minister) loves Francis Schaeffer and even studied under him for a short while. We grew up watching a lot of his sermons and teachings. We still tease my dad about the time that he taped over our video of "annie" with one of Francis Shaeffer's sermons. haha

elizabeth said...

Corrabelle - oh that is really funny and wonderful all at once! My Dad loved F. S. too! :)