Thursday, July 18, 2013

Knitting and my Oma

 Couldn't resist re-posting one
of my blanket in process pictures!
I've sewn some more since my
post on this yesterday!
I'm really happy about this blanket! 
 As I was talking with my Mom...
about my Oma, her Mom.
So I was telling my Mom about how I like
to buy inexpensive or on sale yarn.
And I asked her,
Oma did not buy expensive yarn, right?
Oh no, my Mom assured me...
She would go to thrift stores to find sweaters
and Opa would unravel them while she
balled up the yarn....
I already knew that people would go to garage sales
and get yarn for her...
people often gave her yarn...
she always made beautiful things!
I knew when I began knitting that I wanted to be like
my Oma...
I remember her making her own balls of yarn,
knitting all the time
while conversation was going on around her,
and that she was frugal but still made
lovely things.
I am thinking that someday I may want to frog a
sweater or two from a thrift store...
I already am thinking of a dark green sweater from
years ago that I got ride of that
would of been perfect for this!
My Oma and Opa would of been
much better at some of the things I am doing
(like my uneven stitches)
but as much as I can
I'd really like to be like my Oma...
If you knit or crochet or like to make things,
how do you do things affordable?
Any tips on frogging a thrifted sweater?
Other tips?
Would love to know and hear your stories!
Do tell!!! :)


Michelle M. said...

I love it!

I saw this and thought it might interest you:

Sarah in Indiana said...

One of the things that I knit the most is dishcloths. I use Lily sugar and cream yarn, and I stock up when it is on sale. You can also save sometimes by buying it in cones instead of skeins.