Monday, July 22, 2013

Second half of blanket ~ cute new yarn!

I got this new huge skein of
yarn at Michael's on St. Elizabeth's Day with Mr. Husband.
I made three balls of yarn from it so far and
have lots left!
It is for my September School Blanket
and as it is for a newly 6 year old boy with a
mother who is a very busy woman,
I wanted yarns that are easy to care
for and can be thrown in the wash
without any concerns.

As I just got the yellow,
I am doing a small square of it towards the top
middle of the blanket so that the
yellow will not just be
at the second half of this blanket.

I got a bright orange skein of yarn too!
for a nice bright square in the second half of the
blanket, with two more littler yellow squares... 

I pinned the finished ones together as
I like how I had arranged them for sewing but can't
keep them all spread out meanwhile...

Pinning them together just added to the
excitement of realizing how far
I've come on this one!
All that knitting in the car rides to
and from church...
All of the big squares are about two hours of knitting
each, so I have put in a lot of time for this
blanket and am really loving
how it is turning out.

When I was finally done with this little
body butter container
that I'd gotten years ago on sale in Ottawa,
I cleaned it,
ran it through our dishwasher
and now use it for my large safety pins
(Micheal's sold them as 'quilting pins'...
I was just glad to finally found some large ones!)
In a way I am doing my first
bit of 'pattern work' as I have to make some things
to size now for this blanket;
figured out that 12 stitches in this green
yarn was the right size for the strip that
is needed... :)
It is so fun to create things...
Are you creating anything recently or
doing anything that you enjoy?
Would love to hear!

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I love that sunshiney yellow yarn! It's going to be a fab blanket :-)