Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How things are in the midst of all that hurries

This was the jar of kisses that
Mr. Husband and I used
as one of our first 'kisses' at the wedding reception.
My Mother had given us the jar...
Boy did we have fun with this!
So here we are,
going towards 11 months of marriage.
It's been so beautiful and full.
While my health has been compromised ...
yet even this I see is from or of or can be used by God.
Everything in our lives can be used to bless us.
May God have mercy on us.
Life is hard, often intense and we need God's mercy...


Apseed I said...

I love those candies, although we don't have them here.
I tried them once, when our good friend returned from a working trip to US.

Michelle M. said...

What a sweet idea :) I am so happy that you are almost to your one year milestone!