Monday, July 01, 2013

Retrospective of Gladness

It's been nearly 10 months since
Mr. Husband and I married
and I moved to our first home.

We've had so many adventures
and dips and turns in the road,
yet God has been with us at every turn.

I was telling my long-time friend
that sometimes Mr. Husband and I
forget how we were so well
matched for each other.

How much we have in common
in our vision for the world,
our love of beauty,
our love of our Dutch heritage,
our families,
how our lives, even down to our icons,
blend in a new beautiful whole.

How much our life is blessed with roses.

Beautiful plants and things that are truly

How things like Basmati rice
suddenly with
chicken or
with a salad on a fast day
can be like a feast for two
or really three
as Christ is always in our midst.

How committed we are to restoring
culture, to localism, to hope
amidst  often desolating circumstances.
How much we have to be
thankful for.


E Helena E said...

You are an inspiration. Happy Canada Day!

Michelle M. said...

I delights me to read how happy and thankful you are with your marriage. That first year can sometimes be a huge adjustment, but you both seem to have transitioned so smoothly. Glory to God!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I hope you both had a happy and blessed day :-)
I rejoice in our friendship and delight in your happiness!