Monday, July 01, 2013

Sunday of All Saints

Yesterday was the
Sunday of All Saints.
Mr. Husband and I were at our far-away church
and heard a wonderful sermon
for this Feast Day.
Here's some encouragement that I was blessed with
through the sermon I was blessed to hear
How there are wonderful ways we can
celebrate the Feast of All Saints and
work on bringing the life of the church into our homes:

~The Saints who surround us are there
because they put Jesus Christ first in their lives

~We are in service to God who is the one who
brings good into our lives and is the cause,
the source, the strength, of any good things we have done

~It is the sweetest humility that is in the Saints...
humility is ourselves in the proper perspective,
how we are responsible for our repentance,
as we all are sinners.

~We are called to take up our Cross and follow Christ:
this includes the acceptance of suffering in this life
so that we will reign with Christ in the life to come

~We have communion with the Saints through their icons.

We must wear our Crosses on our chests and
love them;
we are reminded of our baptism, our chrismation by
wearing our Cross.

~ The Cross is a physical prayer that we wear,
often with the prayer
save and protect 
written on the Cross

~We should venerate our icons at home,
that icons are not a decoration of the home but a continuation of
parish life, of the liturgy and are
the demonstration of the Saints that surround us.

~Reading Saints lives for the day and the longer
lives of Saints in books helps our spiritual life,
teaches and moves us:
the reading of Saints lives provides communion with
the Saints as we read his or her life

We do all these things to love, venerate the Saints
as this love will help us in our spiritual lives.

The hope is that we will become Saints one day.
The holiness and sanctification we are all called to
by our baptism, our chrismation.

Through humility, prayer, fasting we work towards
receiving, attaining holiness of life.

All of us are called to this!
We must heed this call.

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