Thursday, July 04, 2013

Loving the Hidden Art of Homemaking

One of the great things
of Edith Schaffer's book on
the art of homemaking
is that you can read chapters out of turn...
So I was reading her chapter on food
on how making a nice table
shows the love for the other
and, as she said,
'enhances communication.'

I am so glad to be reading this book!

Making a home and all the little touches
is such a joy to do.

We are in the Apostles Fast now...
Lots of guacamole, baked potato, salad and
carrots... :)

Thankfully there are lot of fish days too...

I had such a busy weekend
last weekend,
I am sadly still tiring quite easily.
I am grateful for all the simple and wonderful
things of my life.
Like the dishes for proper serving of a table
and little white ramekins for individual
servings of nuts for extra protein.

When I go to monasteries
like the one in Michigan,
I see what hospitality is in their serving of meals,
how dinner and dessert plates, dishes for
various foods and cups are used.
Speaking of HDM,
let us keep praying for Fr. Roman.
The website of HDM is updated often on
his condition.
Thank God for monasteries.
I am already wishing for another trip to one soon!


Victoria said...

I still have to find a copy of that book :)

Michelle M. said...

That book sounds lovely!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

This book looks like an absolute treasure!