Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Akathists ~ New Blog Page

For the last few weeks,
I've been working on making a new
Akathist page.
Ever since I posted
my original post on Akathists
 in 2010,
I have had many requests for various
Some of the Akathists that I found and that
I have a digital copy on my computer
I could not find again
in my online searches.
These Akathists are marked with a * to indicate
that you must email me for a copy.
All other Akathists URLs are provided.
If there are any Akathists that you have
but that I do not have listed,
please let me know.
As I find new ones, I hope to add them to this page.
I hope that many will be blessed by this page!
It took a lot of work to finish
and I hope you will find these
Akathists to be a help in time of need
and a strengthening to many!
Please go here for the Akathist Page!

1 comment:

Emily H. said...

What a great idea! I remember one time you sent me some akathists, including one to St. Menas. St. Menas has been a great help to our family and every time I read the akathist I'm so thankful to you for sharing it! Hugs!