Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wonderful Friday Dinner with Friends!

Mr. Husband and I had
soft shelled crab for the first time
a year ago last May
when we went to our wedding one day conference.
We've been searching for it ever since...
We had some dear friends coming for dinner
on Friday and this is what we were able to

We found it some at a local
grocery store and made them on Friday
with some scrimp.
Here was the recipe:
fry garlic in olive oil (we used vegetable oil as it was a Friday)
when garlic is browned, remove garlic.
Dredge the soft shell crabs in flour that has been salt and peppered
fry in oil on medium heat for about 3 minutes each side.
Add lemon or lime juice at the end.
Serve immediately.
{I quickly fried up the shrimp afterwards in
the same oil and then we sat down to dinner!}

We had farmers market tomatoes
and lettuce...

A lovely fruit salad of
organic fruits ~ strawberries, blue berries and grapes.

Begonias for extra beauty and colour on
the table.

4 baked potatoes.
Beautiful sunflowers from our wonderful
friends and dinner guests.
My beloved Mr. Husband has talked about how good
the soft shell crab was! :)
I am interested in trying this recipe as well with
mango and papaya!
It was a really lovely time!

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Emily H. said...

What a pretty sunflower bouquet!