Thursday, July 18, 2013

Prayer Request for very small baby and his family

When I learned that my cousin's wife
was expecting,
I was so excited!
Mr. Husband and I have been praying for a while for
this child's birth...
The mother has been in hospital for sometime now and
the baby was born at 1.5 lbs
last night at 27.5 weeks along.

The baby is a boy.
I already have the yarn for the blanket.
My Aunt broke her arm
the same day she became a Grandmother.
So my Uncle called his Mother,
My Grandmother,
with the news from the local hospital
with my Aunt.
Please pray for this baby, his parents and his Grandparents!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

May the Lord bless this little one, and all his family, as well as those doctors and nurses who will have the care of him for the time being......

Michelle M. said...

Prayers for this little one and his family!