Thursday, July 11, 2013

Making Do

Still a bit tired.
Could be that waking up a bit after 5 AM insomnia.
Le Sigh.
So I am making a new scarf...

Cream and orange.
Doubling the orange yarn as it
makes a very thin scarf 
and I wanted a thicker one this time.

Realized that doubling the cream yarn
was not enough
and go to try out a new frogging technique.

New to me way to do this:
Put your needle in the stitch where
you want the frogging to end
so it does not go further.
It worked! 

So believe it or not,
I am doing three strands for the cream yarn.
So thick.
A slower knit but looks more even
in terms of thickness of the
corresponding orange yarn.
Am really happy with it.

Our lovely flowers are on there last leg.

Mr. Husband graciously helped extra in
kitchen and got my clutter stress level down.
That Mr. Husband,
I do appreciate him very much.

Got a long awaited icon in the mail today.
Hope to do a separate blog post about this.

I had a wonderful conversation with a dear
Ottawa friend and it was
very encouraging.
Making do around here;
I am still not back to full strength and
so am using the standby emergency prayer candle.
I remain yet with hope and feel
that even my sickness is for a reason.
God is good to us and
very merciful.

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Matushka Anna said...


I recently saw that trick for frogging and liked it! I haven't tried it yet but if I have to frog back more than a couple rows I'm going to use it. (: