Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Cute Baby Blanket for a Small Boy

Ever since I heard last week
of the early birth of a baby boy
to my cousin and cousin-in-law,
I've been knitting!

The plan is to make a blanket with
blue as most of it
and a thick yellow boarder.
I am hoping to use this as a way to
knit a yellow duck in the centre.
I am almost done with the blue
and then will do equal rows on top.
Then only to knit two rows of yellow to add on
and then finish the yellow duck
and it will be done!
I was flying through this
as I had a lot of time in the car with
Mr. Husband...
then, sadly, I broke my knitting needle! :(

I taped it up,
as it was my only 10.5 knitting needle in the round
and then knit more...

But then I realized to my dismay
that sure enough,
I was knitting more loosely and
would have to frog that part.
I am hoping to get a new circular needle in town
soon so I can finish this!
I am still making some great progress on my
September School Blanket!
I've planned out the rest 

And over the weekend learned how to make a ball
of yarn that has two threads to pull from!
(Thanks friend :) ) 

I've got just a little bit more to do of the
actual knitting and
then I will stitch more of it together!
It's going well!

I got this super cute book
last week!

A lot of it is for me to
grow into but
I am hoping to take on this challenge in the coming months:

Elmer the Elephant.
I want to do him in grey yarn
for the little boy I am making the blanket for!
They have this cute lion and a horse too!
It will be my first real pattern
(though I hope to do a simple slipper pattern
in the next two months)
that I hope to be doing...
It will be a challenge but it is all in garter stitch which
will help.
What are you reading and creating?
Anything new, fun, simple or a challenge?
Yarn Along with us!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure get baby blankets done quickly! I only buy metal knitting needles. I love the fancy wood ones, but I'm afraid of breaking them.

The elephant is so cute. Don't be afraid of patterns. Just take them one line at a time :) Once you get a little more comfortable with patterns you should try a Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It makes an adorable baby sweater that works for boys or girls.

karen said...

The only time I've broke a needles is when I've sat on it :/ sideways of course!! That is a bummer that you have to rip back a bit, but it's so worth it, the blanket is gorgeous!!

Joy said...

Love the blanket you're working on! And I love that elephant!

Donna said...

Babies make me want to knit all the things! Boo on the broken knitting needle.

Sarah said...

Such a beautiful blanket! Your skills are growing so fast and you will have so much fun as you adventure into new patterns and ideas! Hate it when a needle breaks - I also only buy metal needles - Addi Turbos are great, though expensive. But they are the best ones I have found yet.

Hannah said...

What a lovely thing to do! Sorry to hear about your broken needle.

Mary G said...

Ohhhh I have that baby book and love the items in it. I love the classic baby clothes and the pictures make me want to knit 'em all!

I'm so sorry about your needle - that stinks but the blanket will be lovely!

Cathy said...

Thank you for you comment on my blog; isn't if fun meeting new people through this social media?
I like the colorful blanket, you are doing, an excellent job. It reminds me of one I made several summers ago. If you would like to see it, go to my blog and look under the label of knitting. The market bag directions are also there. Let me know if you can not find the directions...


Cathy said...

Sorry Elizabeth... It was crocheting not knitting. Which makes perfect sense considering I've never actually knitted a blanket, but I do think about it from time to time. Crocheting is so pleasant for blankets and afghans.
The crocheted item is under crocheting, September 2010

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Love, love, love that elephant!