Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beauty in the day

I am slowly,
I hope,
recovering, again...
lots of resting, water drinking, reading...
I've been enjoying the yarn along,
(I started a new scarf again today!)
been going through old pictures
(the one above is from last summer).
We got a grocery delivery and now have
lots of fresh fruit!
I am reading a Dave Ramsey book
and it is quite educational.
I think we have to be careful about the
emphasis on 'you' and 'happiness' that one 'deserves'
BUT his information, practical advice and FYIs
about debt and money choices is worth the read.
Also got one laundry load down,
one to go...
(Mr. Husband promised to help with this if need be
so I can get it going with this in mind,
since rest is still needed for me)...
For years I have avoided drying most of my clothes
(or using fabric softener) to have things last longer;
I have a washer and dryer in our home now
so I am not saving on the drying
up front like I used to,
but still,
so good to try to use
a little less energy...
Oh yes,
good news: I got a hold of my doctor.
Jury still out and I have a lot of questions
(it is SO HARD to move and have to start over
with new doctors, etc. ...
I find the moving and starting over is still
taking time, 10 months later...)
Mr. Husband is home today,
I am listening to Bach
and wondering about the scarf colours chosen
for the one I am working on now
will please the young boy I am
knitting for...
(colours are orange and cream,
matching a soccer
uniform he has...)
So... what is going on for you today?


GretchenJoanna said...

I've read that at some period in the last century the clothes dryer won the vote for the appliance women were most thankful for. I'm glad you are wise enough to make use of such a lovely labor-saving device and conserve your strength. About such things I often think: It would cost a lot more to pay a maid to help me. In the future you will with God's enabling be strong enough to enjoy hanging your clothes in the sunshine!

Anny said...

Ahhh, the dryer. It does sometimes seem that with convenience something is lost. Other times it's just lovely to have towels washed and dried in less than two hours. Balance I suppose.
Praying you feel better soon. How lucky your knitting recipients are!

Hannah said...

I'm glad you're starting to recover. Go gently with yourself x