Friday, July 05, 2013

Keeping Our Kids in Church {once they are grown}

"The families I’ve seen over the last thirty years whose children have remained in our churches and have become the next generation in our parishes, seem to share some common traits. For one thing, their faith is an important part of their lives, not only on Sunday but also during the rest of the week. They pray together, they try hard to apply the lessons from the sermons and from their spiritual readings to their lives, and they share their faith with their children. And even more than that, they enjoy their faith and are happy and eager to come to church – for them it is a positive experience, and they look forward to it."

~by Psa. Nicole Mitescu ~ read the rest here.


Christie said...

Making my life and faith synonymous in a beautiful, harmonious way is one of my main goals, though I'm still fumbling with it. Keeping the liturgical year is one of the ways I've thought of permeating my son's world with the Faith. It's hard to find that rhythm, though, as it's so counter-cultural. There are still vestiges of it in our holidays. I'm looking forward to when the Squirt is a little older and I can explain these things to him and engage him in activities and prayers that follow the liturgical calender.

Your icons are so gorgeous, I'm coveting them. Where do you buy your candles? Do you get them in bulk? The cheapest votives avaialble in stores here are $1, and they only burn for a couple of days. I was thinking of looking for some from a parish supply store. Also, love how you utilized the old church trick of sticking the burning candle in a jar of sand to hold it up.

elizabeth said...

Hi Christie!
I am still learning too! It's a WONDERFUL thing to do!

I am so thankful for all my icons! Such a gift from God!

My candles I buy from a monastery who makes bees wax candles and the votives I use I got on amazon and I fill them with olive oil... see this post for full info on how I do it: